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The Illuminati has its own symbols. Here you’ll find all the Symbols of Illuminati. Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs.



Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs

In the tenets of the Illuminati Pyramid, wealth is not simply a means of personal enrichment. Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs.  Instead, money is a tool that can be used to fulfill each person’s duty to the advancement of the human species.

Wealth and success are like streams of water running down a pyramid. The highest receive the most because there are fewer while the lowest receive the least because there are many. Before the water can reach the bottom, first it must run through all the others above it. Though the lowest support the weight of all who are above them, they are numerous and easily replaced — unique individuals, but common together. A person climbs higher by becoming less like those below them.

The more money a person owns, the more ability they have to positively change the lives of those who are in need. If you are poor and of good heart, and your friend’s house is burned in a fire, you will remain a good person but have no ability to help them with what they need the most. If the same house burns but you are rich, you can give your friend a place to stay and a new home because you have more than enough for yourself and anyone around you who needs it.

The greater a person’s fortune, the greater their responsibility to their fellow humans. Like the Pyramid, those with the greatest power can do the greatest good for the largest number of those below them.


Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs

In Illuminati symbolism, Rhodium is the metal of the moon. Found on Earth in rare supply, it shines with a silvery white surface that immortalizes the power of this planet’s lunar companion. Even in the darkest times, the moon illuminates humankind and brings harmony to life’s most ancient unity: the hallowed bond between the dark and the Light. Real Rhodium metal is used to create the silver Rhodium Illuminati Talisman, which is worn as a mark of Illuminati affiliation by members who have dedicated their lives to the advancement of the human species. Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs.


Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs

Every human is guided by an inner compass that points toward the Light, revealing truth and direction when facing decisions. Given many names by spiritual leaders and unexplainable by science, the Light is an invisible guide that many believe has led them to joy, success, and lives of Abundance. It communicates directly to every human, urging them to strive for goodness and forgo their natural selfishness. All human religions and spiritual beliefs ultimately seek the Light in ways differing only in form and function. Some religions refer to the Light with a name, such as God or Elohim. The core of every religion is founded on the human species’ innate desire to understand this invisible force. Even without a formal religious affiliation, every human is naturally drawn to the Light. Individual members of the Illuminati adhere to every variety of personal spiritual beliefs –– but by recognizing that all of our paths lead to the same destination, we find that the Light brings all people into an ultimate unity. There is no proof that a God exists but there is also no proof that a God does not. The Illuminati’s spiritual foundation is based upon this universal conundrum of faith and doubt. Our organization does not question whether a god does or does not exist but instead focuses on the betterment of the humans living on this planet. Though the human mind in its physical form is not capable of fully understanding the Light, conscious thought and intention reveal many of its inner workings and effects. By studying the wisdom of this planet’s greatest minds, humans can discover ways to increase the Light’s powerful influence in their lives. A representation of the Light can be seen in an illuminated circle of the Illuminati’s Eternal Oath, surrounding the Pyramid and the All Seeing Eye.


Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs

In Illuminati symbolism, copper represents the Earth and the collective power of the humans who occupy it. Historians believe that copper was the first metal known to humanity, with evidence of its use dating back over 10,000 years. Since prehistoric times, copper has been associated with strength and harmony, and a natural conductivity that attracts money and prosperity. Even the human body contains copper in muscles, bones, and the brain. Real copper metal is used to create the copper Illuminati Talisman, which is worn as a mark of Illuminati affiliation by members who have dedicated their lives to the advancement of the human species. Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs.


Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs

Every human is one part of a larger, eternal design – individual gears in a clock that has no end. Though you may not fully understand your purpose, your part is just as important as the greatest kings and queens of this planet. Some feel as though their temporary lack of wealth or influence makes them powerless to create change. But does a clockmaker favor the larger gears over the smaller? Does the hour hand become jealous of the minutes because it turns slower? Every part has a role in the functioning of a timepiece. Every part supports those around it in ways it may never see. Your absence would undo the Order of our universe, even if you do not realize your importance. The world began before you and will continue after you, but it will be different because of the decisions you made. Every generation inherits the world left by the one before it, just as a king inherits the crown of his father. Your pursuit of wisdom and goodness could lay the foundation for your great-great-grandchild’s rise into power – the same descendant who might steer a country from war and save lives by the millions. Did the ancestors of Aristotle or Alexander The Great know who their actions would create? Though you will never understand the full influence of your actions, the results of your dedication to humanity are still yours to claim.


Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs

Throughout human history, countless civilizations have used gold as the defining standard by which all value is measured. Reflecting a mesmerizing color that mimics the rays of the Sun, gold metal is representative of wealth, power, and prestige. In Illuminati symbolism, gold represents the power of the Sun — the eternal source from which all human energy is derived and the universe’s grand illuminator of all things. Gold is seen as a symbolic vessel of value: a physical representation of a human’s efforts and earnings. At its core, gold is merely a stone like all the others; it would have no value without the power of human belief. This is a reminder that money has no feeling, no voice, and no soul: its choice between good and evil is decided by those who use it. All who possess great wealth have a responsibility to use their riches for the betterment of humanity — to repay the value of their golden luxuries to the Earth from which it came. Gold has inspired war and creation; destruction and innovation; both the subjugation of people and the means through which they have found their freedom. Though time has witnessed the rise and fall of vast kingdoms and empires, gold has continued to mesmerize every generation of kings, queens, emperors, and presidents alike. Real gold metal is used to create the gold Illuminati Talisman, which is worn as a mark of Illuminati affiliation by members who have dedicated their lives to the advancement of the human species.


Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs

The all seeing eye is one of the symbols of the Illuminati. Humans stand apart from all other creatures on this planet due to their ability to absorb wisdom, delay gratification, and create change through the invisible power inside their minds. Animals and computers can be trained for tasks but cannot invent new thoughts or ideas. However, simply through practice, humans can grow and learn: even the poorest child has the ability to become a doctor through education and determination, but even the smartest animal cannot learn how to read a textbook. Humans are born with the mental power to free themselves from the chains of their natural selfish instincts and embrace millennia of wisdom that leads to wealth, power, and success.

As a human absorbs knowledge and wisdom, some will experience their Awakening: a pivotal moment when their minds evolve to a level of understanding that is higher than the majority. They begin to see themselves as strings in a universal tapestry with a duty to uplift their fellow humans, and quickly understand the inner workings of wealth, power, and authority. Those who have experienced their Awakening often describe it as the moment their Eye was opened. Unfortunately, many humans are only concerned with their own wellbeing and thus cannot understand the positive intentions of a higher authority. Many would rather this planet remain in turmoil instead of following the directions that will lead them to happiness. Historically, the greatest enemies of human progress have been humans themselves. For this reason, those who have experienced their Awakening understand the need for it to remain secret – for their own safety and the ultimate good of humanity that often does not know what is best for it.


Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs

Throughout medieval history, the image of the Owl was often associated with evil due to its tendency to be active during the dangerous hours of the night. Many early cultures saw the Owl as an omen of approaching bad fortune and believed that it was cursed as a creature of the dead. However, Illuminati tradition tells a different story. In Illuminati practices, the Owl is revered as a creature of vigilance — a guardian who stands alert so others can rest through the night under its watchful gaze. It is seen as a totem representing wisdom, its eyes ever-watchful for the morning to approach and for the guiding Light to reemerge over the horizon. In modern culture, the Owl appears in a variety of prominent locations, especially in places of government and on currency. Through magnification, the Owl can even be seen in the corner of every United States one-dollar bill, alongside the Pyramid and the All-Seeing Eye.


Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs

The image of the snake eating its own tail, commonly referred to as an ouroboros, appeared for centuries before the Illuminati’s official formation. It is one of humanity’s earliest representations of the universal balance found in the Eternal Circle and is sometimes represented in the shape of the Infinity. While this image may seem to hold destructive connotations, an understanding of the ouroboros must approach in the context of pre-medieval human belief. In the mythology of many early cultures, snakes viewed as symbols of constant self-improvement. This is a reference to a snake’s ability to shed its skin and emerge as the same creature in a newer and better form. In Illuminati rituals, the ouroboros stands for the circle of life: humanity’s passage through generations that begin and end in a constantly renewing cycle. It shows the path of physical mortality — the inescapable truth that all life starts with nothing and ends in the same place that it began. All humans are born from the dust, and to the dust, they shall return.


Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs

Crowns have passed through thousands of kings and queens, each different from the previous. Like the pendulum of a clock, power swings from one side to the other in an endless passing of time. It creates a balance between two opposing forces – each side relying on the other to maintain order. Neither side is entirely right or wrong, but neither side can relent. If the pendulum ceases to sway, the clock ceases to function. Time is a powerful revelator. This planet has overcome millennia of hardships and survived disasters more devastating than the wars recorded by history. Humanity has faced its worst leaders, its worst regimes, its worst obstacles, and survived to become stronger. Though the portraits inside the palaces may change, and the names on the maps may be altered, humanity’s clock will continue uninterrupted.


Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs

An obelisk is a tapering tower that appears as a tall and thin column with a pyramid at its top. Hundreds of obelisks are scattered on this planet, left behind as reminders of ancient cultures that once flourished across the Earth. Many early humans revered the obelisk’s design as a tribute to deities that controlled the sun. Even in modern times, humans have continued to construct these pillars as symbols of victories and accomplishments. The tallest modern obelisk is the Washington Monument in the United States, which stands over 555 feet tall. In Illuminati symbolism, the obelisk signifies accomplishments and success. Early obelisks were constructed from a single stone that required immeasurable effort to carve, polish, and craft into a perfect tower. But even though the names of the builders have been lost to history, the results of their efforts have continued to stand for thousands of years. Through its physical representation of a singular unit, an obelisk represents the enormous power that hides behind the daily decisions made by every human — even if they are never aware of the effects of their choices or of the victories that are theirs to claim. The obelisk represents the ability of every person to dedicate their efforts to the advancement of humanity and to leave behind a positive mark on society that will continue to stand as a guidepost for their descendants.


Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs

The symbol of the Crossed Keys originates from the earliest days of the Illuminati’s establishment, and thus our history has caused it to take on a variety of clandestine meanings — some of which remain secret to this day. In some pieces of illuminated art, the meaning of the Crossed Keys can change based on the color of the metal that is used in its depiction.

The Crossed Keys emblem can be seen in an illuminated circle of the Illuminati’s Eternal Oath.

As a citizen rises through the levels of Illuminati initiation, they are introduced to the evolving meanings that hide behind the image of the Crossed Keys. Some of the publicly available definitions include:

Loyalty To The Oaths | Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs

A steel vault is locked with a key to protect its precious contents from outsiders who would seek to destroy it. In this same way, ranking members of the Illuminati are bound by oaths that require absolute secrecy and discretion, in order to protect the goals of our organization from warmongers who would stifle the progress of humanity’s approaching age of peace. The Crossed Keys stand as a reminder of a member’s promise to guard the treasures of knowledge that have been entrusted to them.

Marriage Bond | Illuminati Symbols Hand Signs

In later Illuminati symbolism, the Crossed Keys were occasionally used to represent a marriage. When both keys are identical, each person in a partnership has equal ownership of the shared home. It represents the importance of a marriage union that is built on a foundation of mutual respect.

Keys To Heaven And Earth

Some medieval practices believed that the Crossed Keys represent the authority of kings and pontiffs to command the Earth and the Heavens. But in Illuminati beliefs, the power over Earth and Heaven — over this life and the unknown that follows — rests in the hands of each individual human. Our beliefs dictate that a human’s future is determined by their own choices and decisions. In this way, the Crossed Keys represent every human’s hidden power over the direction of their lives and their ability to control their own destiny.